It's been a few days and adsense is still not showing any ads

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your help before with widening my site. Now, I’m having trouble getting my adsense to appear. I’m using the adsense code in the text widget on the right sidebar, but it’s showing nothing. I’m also using it in between posts (minus the front page). Any common mistakes that I should check? My site is I also entered adsense code in the adsense options area. Should I just enter my adsense account code or was I right to enter code for a small adsense banner there?

    Thanks so much!



    Kenneth John Odle


    The code is there (at least on the sidebar–I’m not seeing anything from the Graphene adsense option). You must have patience–Google can take anywhere from a day to a week to publish ads on your site, and even then, I suppose it’s within their rights to take longer. I don’t see anything on your site that they would object to, but even so, you may want to check your inbox or log into Adsense to see if they sent you a message.

    BTW, your site is entirely too wide for a 1280px monitor. I have to scroll horizontally to see all of it. This is a disincentive to your potential readers to become regular readers.



    Add a Privacy Policy in your site. Adsense needs it along with sitemap/index.



    Thanks, guys!

    Prasana – how do I do that? Can you direct me to other postings that would walk me through?

    Kenneth – Thanks so much for the width tip! What’s the widest size you think I can do?



    Copy this privacy policy and change the URLs wherever needed.



    Thanks, Prasanna. I added it as a child page to my about page. What’s the easiest way to put together a site map? How do I give Google this info if I already have an existing adsense account?

    Thanks again!!



    ..What’s the easiest way to put together a site map?..

    Use this plugin – Google XML Sitemaps

    ..How do I give Google this info if I already have an existing adsense account?..

    You don’t have to tell this to Adsense. They will place ads on your site when they think your site is having enough content and traffic..



    Thanks, Prasanna. So all I had to do was install and activate?






    Awesome! Resolved!!!

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