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    I’ve been troubleshooting one by one.

    I remove the ad code and still get the issue.

    However, I usually have the image on the left hand side of my home screen below my homepage panes by using this code provided by Syahir in this thread

    function anz_custom_content(){
    if ( is_front_page() ) :
    <!-- Put your HTML content here -->
    add_action( 'graphene_bottom_content', 'anz_custom_content' );

    When I remove that code, everything works again.

    Basically I have a html code for an image slider that I insert into that code provided by Syahir. When I do that, I have this issue. When I remove that from my functions.php and put my html slider into the widget “after slider” everything works fine.

    So the issue lies in using Syahir’s code. Either I’m using it wrong, or the updates don’t like it.



    What’s the code for the image slider? The code above looks normal.

    Try just inserting the text “testing” where is says put your html content here. Then see if you can see it at the bottom of your post content.

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