Issue since most recent update

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    Since the most recent update, graphene breaks my page. I can’t access anything and my page is blank.



    Disregard. Edited and fixed myself.



    Actually there’s more issues. Everytime I create a post or do anything in admin cp, it goes to a blank screen and doesn’t even publish the whole post.



    Hey dude, had no idea we were using the same theme hah.

    I updated my theme and wordpress software, everything is fine for me…can you restore to before you updated the theme?



    @ anzballaz,

    I can’t get your site to load. What’s going on over on your end?



    Your site just has some ad code..



    My site loads, but everytime I try to do anything with posts, it goes to a blank screen



    I have now removed all codes added. Ad codes gone, image code using code given in an earlier thread gone, and still having issues.



    I can’t even understand what you’re talking about. Your site looks fine here. If you’re getting a blank screen while publishing a post means either it’s a wordpress issue or something is going wrong in server. Did you contact your host regarding this issue??



    It most likely doesn’t have anything to do with adcodes. Rather, if your admin screen is going white, it is almost certainly a plugin conflict.

    You need to deactivate your plugins and see if the problem persists. Don’t just say you did, and hope we can give you another solution. It’s a pain in the a**, but the only way to get your site back to good working condition.

    Disable your plugins, attempt to publish an update, and see what happens. Post back and let me know.

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