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    There are two updates running which clear the error flags in the status bar of IE8

    The first is in loop.php regarding an incomplete span

    Although a span is supposed to be self closing if the second one was added it should be compatible with all browers

    It’s in loop.php so best not to add to a child theme as it will avoid any theme updates?

    The second one in web-fonts.php

    This may need an IF IE8

    Again is it best not to add to a child theme as it will avoid any theme updates?

    Is It worth considering these for inclusion in the next release?


    Kenneth John Odle


    The future of the web is HTML5 and CSS3, so future updates will probably aim at making the theme compatible with current standards, rather than with browsers which are currently losing ground.

    As of this point, IE is only 44% of web browser usage, and IE8 is only 40% of that, which make IE8 market share somewhere around 20%. Not miniscule, but not insignificant, either. Either way, Windows 8 and IE10 (which supports current standards better than its predecessors) gaining ground.

    IE8 will eventually go away (see the same way that IE6 is going away (see

    It’s in loop.php so best not to add to a child theme as it will avoid any theme updates?

    Since you are only adding a single item with regard to the first issue, I don’t see why you couldn’t add a loop.php to your child theme. You could simply rename the file temporarily with the next Graphene update to see if the issue still persists. If it does, you can copy the new loop.php over and make the same change. I believe this would also apply to the second issue, although I haven’t looked at that too closely because backwards compatibility is not something I lose sleep over.


    Kenneth John Odle


    btw, these are not bugs, but compatibility issues.



    yes I realise that but at the moment anyone that has users with IE8 has to incorporate these two fixes in order for their site to be error free.

    The first one about spans is particularly interesting. There are two spans there. the first has been completed, the second hasnt. OK in theory neither have to be completed if we’re using the latest spec (completing the span is optional) but IE8 gives an error on the second one as it isn’t complete.

    Why not add the second span for consistency? ( and because it clears the error)

    Obviously both spans could be removed for consistency but that would give 2 errors!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Because ideally, you want to write the leanest, tightest code that the specs allow.

    <span content=""></span>

    is not as lean as

    <span content="" />

    It’s a matter of best practices in web design.



    I thought I’d covered that argument with why not remove both spans if they’re not necessary and give two errors!

    One of the reasons for choosing graphene over other themes is that it does work with IE8 ( save for these two) and I think it has If IE8 in places to make it work.

    In this case the version of the code would need to be something like

    <span content=""> If IE8 Then </span>

    so just typing

    <span content=""></span>

    is leaner and shorter

    and works with all browsers ( assuming the other /span works with all browsers)

    Is it best practice to make it work?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you seeing these errors when the page displays, or only in a validator?



    It’s when the page displays for real

    I’ve added the test site to my profile name

    I’m working on the footer (so I can credit graphene) but weve discussed that issue separately

    Even if nothing changes other sites with IE8 users can use the two opening reports


    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, I’m at work now, where I have IE8 installed.

    I have just checked the test site you referenced ( as well as the eight sites I run with WordPress in IE8 and have not seen this error in any of them. Since only three people have reported this issue (and people with IE issues usually make themselves heard), I am now wondering if this is less of an issue of IE8 compatibility and more of an issue related to that particular install of IE.


    1) Have you examined your site on a different computer?

    2) Have you examined your site from a different ISP?

    In any event, this is not a theme bug.



    Thanks for looking but you wont see those errors on my site because I’ve already incorporated the above two fixes

    They did exist before. That’s why I raised this to help anyone else 🙂

    No need to quote my site

    Agreed it’s only a theme bug if the theme claims to work with IE8

    If anyone wants their Graphene site to work with IE8 and these errors are flagged this is the way to fix them

    The site still runs even if the errors are flagged with the yellow triangle in the status bar

    This forum shows the error flag in IE8 – but it looks as though it could be fixed in a similar way if necessary

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