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    Oh! You use twitpic to tag images here?? Twitpic images are actually hosted on cloudfrontDOTnet. URL of the twitpic image expires after some time. It uses Expire declaration on assigning URLs for images. Notice Expires=1323227787 in the URL of the above image..


    So it is almost impossible to tag images from twitpic, because the URL of images changes in small intervals..



    Testing.. Testing.. Ken’s image om twitpic..

    Here is the code I’m using,

    <img src="http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/full/465040575.png?Expires=1323227787&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYVGSUJFNRFZBBTA&Signature=xO6LzbPdpp4EiPxpDh7hIHTDNqcAxZL~4F7eZEuQBpZPy2xd~9VTk0rtSIN6GPgIhpX6zs5dKOyWbdBYEk08K5Xc5CqJhD3-Sbw51guTR2UgvOjYxpnY9Csia49Ib~nSqPmnIWH9ky0oLn-zY~A~wUZ7Mf8ruw5AC93kqzPX-oU_" />



    Yep, I noticed that expire in the code as well. I was kinda curious what that was for. I figured you had at least a week or so (guessing).

    Yeah, I don’t think twitpic is the way to go in the forums…




    I was kinda curious what that was for.

    That’s because twitpic wants to display images on their site only. In other words it’s all about increasing site traffic and make money from ads..


    I’ve created a directory in my root called “pics’. I dump all the images there. Then I tag those images wherever I want.. (I have unlimited hosting..)



    Yeah, that’s how I’ve been doing it also.

    Certainly there has got to be a site like youtube… but for pics??



    I think photobucket is good for that. It even gives IMG code for sharing images outside the photobucket.com ..

    Certainly there has got to be a site like youtube… but for pics??

    Good idea! Can we start one?? 😉



    Updated question for you, Ken.

    I finally had to the time to reinstall my test site and play with the code you posted (below):

    #content-main a,

    #content-main a:visited {

    color: #1772af;

    text-decoration: underline;


    #content-main a:hover {

    color: #074d7c;

    text-decoration: underline;


    It’s a good thing I did – here’s why.

    It definitely did the trick for the hypertext links. But it forced the links within the buttons (i.e. the “View Full Post” on the jquery slide and the “Continue Reading” on the post excerpt pages) to the same color. Underlined blue is a bad mix with a blue button – virtually unreadable.

    I’ve changed it back to the default pending your feedback on if there is a way to get pull this off without adversely impacting the buttons.

    Thanx. Keith



    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, I did not anticipate that. I really don’t have time to test this right now, but one of the following ideas should work:

    You see your code above? Between #content-main and a try inserting one of the following:






    or even just


    What this will do is further narrow down the anchors you are targeting. In other words, if you have this:

    #content-main p a

    it would only target anchors that are in a paragraph in the #content-main division of the your blog.

    You may have to use a combination of those, and I can’t guarantee that any of them will work. But it’s worth a shot, because I’m pretty sure one of them will. I would start with the paragraph tag first.

    Good luck, and let us know how it works out for you.

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