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  • KATrimels


    Don’t feel bad, Ken. Something about looking at computer screens all day (and night).

    Just don’t bang your head on the computer; from experience that creates a whole different set of problems. ๐Ÿ™‚




    @ Ken,

    Actually, I thought you knew about something I didn’t know… about. (<- Faulty sentence)

    Sorry, I would have pointed it out if I had thought you meant “content”.

    And I don’t know why, but I can never see your images. I’m off to see if it happens in other browsers too.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I thought I did say “content” — I really need some new glasses, I guess.



    Okay Ken,

    Here is what I see when you insert an image here in the forum:



    Opera 11.52:

    Anyone else have this issue with Ken’s photos? Or maybe it’s me having issues??



    Anyone else have this issue with Ken’s photos? Or maybe it’s me having issues??

    I was able to see Ken’s photo yesterday, but not now. He may have removed it after.. I think that was a screen shot of *container* code taken from firebug..


    Kenneth John Odle


    No, I didn’t take it down. It’s still there. Weird. But here’s the link:


    Maybe it’s a twitpic thing? Your ISP doesn’t like twitpic?

    This pic is linked from my blog; we’ll see if that shows up:



    Gotta love seeing the fox taking a huge bite out of the “e”.

    Yes, this one displays fine.

    Weird. I’ll go check out twitpic and see if I can find what’s going on. I agree, it would be better (and quicker, I think) to upload a pic to a site, rather than cluttering my own blog folder with images.

    Will post back with any findings.


    How are you inserting the image here in the forum once you have uploaded it to twitpic? Is it the simple tag? Or are you pasting a link?



    OOoohhhh… look at that. I just did it too. Hmmm…


    EDIT: Now I’m thinking maybe the image tag is not beign written properly. I mean, I’m sure you’ve used it 1,673,567,324 times already… maybe twitpic is a different usage of the tag?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yup, I’m not seeing that one, either. Josh, you can click on “edit” under my post to see the code I entered.



    Okay, trying a twitpic pic.

    EDIT: So, Ken, where are you getting the code you use to ‘post’ the image here in the forum from twitpic?

    EDIT: It’s got to be a problem with twitpic. I get the same results when trying to insert an image onto my personal website. Have you successfully inserted an image somewhere else from twitpic?

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