how to remove email and url on comment form

  • trotty


    i would like to remove the email and url camp in comment form. What should i do?



    Hmm.. You want your readers to leave comment without entering their email ID? Email is mandatory in WP-commments.



    yes, is it possible?

    why is it mandatory? what problems could cause removing email id form comments?



    what about removing url field in graphene ?



    Untested, worth giving it a try.

    .comment-form-url {
    display: none;



    why is it mandatory?

    WordPress comment mechanism is designed in that way!



    thanks Prasanna, what file should i edit in my child theme?

    should i create a file with this code?

    .comment-form-url {

    display: none;



    Kenneth John Odle


    However, as Prasanna pointed out, entering an email and url is part of the WP commenting mechanism. Without displaying those, one of two things is going to happen:

    1) WP just won’t allow readers to post comments, because it will require them to enter an email address and they can’t


    2) You are going to get tons of spam comments.



    Comment URL in wordpress is actually nofollow links.

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