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    How can i edit the text when hovering over my menus as shown in the screenshot below, to have it just show the title of the menus?



    Also, when hovering over the main banner, how do i change the text from ‘Go back to the front page’



    For your first question, are you using a custom menu? If so, go to your custom menu, go to the menu item you want to modify, click the little drop-down arrow on the left, and enter your text into the “Title Attribute” field.

    For your second question, I’ll have to do a little digging. But it should be located somewhere in your header.php file.



    Hi Josh, no i am not using custom menus



    I too am having an issue of CSS showing up when hovering on the menu items. No custom menus, just regular pages, no descriptions for the pages set, and in theme options, under Display > Navigation Menu Display Options > “Disable description in Header Menu” is checked. Clean, fresh install of WP & theme latest versions are doing this on several sites I just created.

    Any ideas?


    Kenneth John Odle



    I’m not seeing it. Try refreshing your browser cache.




    It’s DEFINATELY All In One SEO related… disabled it, hover attribute displays correctly on the sites giving me issues… however… I have a dozen other sites with All In One SEO running without any problems…

    Both built at the same time, both with identical plugins installed… as soon as I enable it on the first site, the issue appears. If I change theme on the first site, no issue.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Ah, but not exactly the same. The geocaching site is using a different theme. (It appears to be based on Graphene, so I’m not sure what this is.)

    Yet another reason I don’t like SEO plugins….



    Before I forget… again… thanks for the quick replies! You are correct, that site is using a Graphene-based theme… bad example, however, is using pure Graphene, with All In One, and has the issue as well. I’m not trying to be a pain, but I like the All In One AND Graphene for a lot of my sites, and it appears by process of elimination that it is the theme itself that is not displaying correctly as other themes I’ve tried don’t do this…

    So, short of using another theme, or deactivating All In One, any ideas on how I can work around this?

    Thanks again!

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