How to display Press Releases in the Widget Area

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    Kenn – THAT IT! Just tested it and thats exactly what I am going to use.

    1. Create a New Link Category called “Press Releases”

    2. Add the press release as a “New Link” to open in a new Window.

    Thanks guys!

    ~ Mark



    Kenn said it better 🙂

    I didn’t realise people don’t bother with the links menu all that much. It can be a very useful affiliate marketing tool, since it can help to control how people leave your site. If you use several link boxes with different titles, then people can select from topics that are of more interest to them. I find this to be somewhat better than the random AdSense category tool.

    I played around with the link categories a bit, and I find it works better if you expand the sidebar width so that the descriptions show more clearly.

    You do have to add a link to the category in order to be able to select the category from the drop down menu when you add the link widget to the sidebar.

    As for the posts versus pages, you can put up a post with a read more function that directs to the page. That would allow you to have the press releases scroll through the posts box, which can be a useful advertising tool on your front page. (Adjust the ‘read more’ so that it appears in the slider, and point it to the main page, not the post. It takes a bit of fiddleing around)

    If you play around with the sticky funtion, you should be able to stick the release posts so that they show at the top, meaning they show on the slider all the time, and by adjusting the number of posts, you can vary whether or not any other posts are allowed to show up.

    Good Luck with your releases!

    Richard 🙂



    Richard – Thank you for the follow up, I am going to coem back to this topic once we start posting the Press Releases. Thanks again bro!




    Hey Guys – Wanted to coem back and give everyone an update, we posted and sent out the first Press Release this week, you can check it out in the Widget Area here:

    Thank you all for your help!

    Happy Easter all!

    ~ Mark

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