How to change the font size of the page titles?

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    Syahir Hakim


    For action hooks, try reading this article:

    The difference in styling is because of inconsistent use of html elements. For example, the lower paragraphs with the bigger font size is wrapped in the <p> element (which is the correct way to do it), whereas the first paragraph is wrapped in <div>. Just change the <div> to <p> and it would be fine.



    hadoi so that is the problem. actually i write in the post in the normal view coz i do not know these code.color code only i know but not much. so i browse in the html tab and change that part and it works. thank q.

    i read about action hook but i think i still dont get it. but thanks anyway for the article.i know the writer has put lot of effort to put in easy way to understand.

    thank you.


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