How to change the font size of the page titles?

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    How to change the font size of the page titles? I have about 8 page titles with additional child pages. Is there a way to enlarge this font? Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Which page title are you referring to? The one in the navigation bar or the one for individual page view?



    i want to know that too!

    I need to change the font size for the nav bar…

    What exactly do i need to edit? thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    In your child theme’s style.css file, add the following:

    #nav ul#menu li{




    i tried pasting the code in the child’s theme and nothing happened.

    which title that it is going to change anyway? and why it didnt work?

    also have more qs to ask u.

    1. how to change the font-family and font size of my post writings and the post title? and how to change the color of post title?

    2. how to add click to the top at the end of each post so that people can easily get to the top as well as myself.

    3. can the valid html and valid css be removed at the bottom and if can how?

    4. if user register and comment, will he have the option to tick to subscribe the topic via email as this forum have? i find that the features is good to have. if you may tell me the code to add to the child’s theme. but if this features already added,please do tell me too coz i have no idea.

    5. in your blog,i found another feature interest me to imply to my blog too. that feature is the quote in the widget. is there a way i can add this in my blog too?





    a little help over here pls mr syahir


    Syahir Hakim


    URL please.



    Syahir Hakim


    1. The color, font-size, and font-family all can be changed via the Graphene Display options page.

    2. Have to be implemented via a child theme, using one of the many available action hooks.

    3. Use the display:none; property for those elements in your child theme’s style.css file.

    4. You can use the Subscribe to Comments plugin by Mark Jaquith.

    5. You can use the Quotes Collection plugin by Srini G.




    can you tell me more about number 2? and also,what is action hooks? is using child theme is consider an action hook too?

    i will find out where is the element in number 3 before ask you again

    number 1 4 and 5 i can find them.

    6. can you help me with this one thing? please hv a look at this url


    the font size is not the same. how should I correct this? 4 your info,

    i change the font setting in the display options. i want to use a bigger size,

    so i use 12pt for all 3: title, description, and text size.

    i think 12pt for title size didnt changed anything or maybe i dont realize which one.

    thank you


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