How to change page order from navigation bar . Have tried multiple resources!

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    I tried the custom menu thing. It worked in the admin area but when I actually posted to the site to view it was still alphabetized. That’s why I was asking about changing the code because I don’t know what else I can do. I am no where close to a programmer-so that would be a list ditch effort. Just getting desperate-I’m sure there is a right solution


    Kenneth John Odle


    Seriously, the custom menu option should have worked just fine. Did you save the menu? Did you make sure to drag it over to the “Header Menu” in the “Theme Locations” tab (and then clicked “save” again)? You shouldn’t need to alter any code or use a plugin to do what you want to do.




    Going to try the whole process again



    I’m thinking you used categories as your menu options. You are using a custom menu, but you need to add the custom menu option to the top of the page. GO to admin panel -> Menus. Then make sure in the top left box, under “Header Menu”, you have selected your custom menu in the drop down box. Then, you will see you can alter the order of your menu items.

    If you were to add your current CUSTOM menu to a widget, you will see it is in the order you want. The top menu you currently are using is intended for pages. So, the way you had it set up, it’s not going to sort your categories.

    Use your custom menu, with the header option, in the menu admin panel.

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