How to change header to a specifc design

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    I don’t have much experience with the minify plugin. What is it supposed to do? And what isn’t it doing?



    Minify compresses the web content by removing unnecessary spaces and comments on your css, html, js files and combining them. This improves dramatically the page speed and combined with a caching system is even faster.

    I think the issue in this case is that minify just ignores the @import statement in the child theme.

    I have seen similar reports from other people, so it is minify that doesn’t know how to deal with child themes.

    Anyway if anybody has a better idea on how to avoid the @import and still inherit the parent’s theme css would be great. I think I can copy the the whole css style into the child theme, but this would defeat the purpose of layered themeing.

    Thanks for you patience with me Josh.





    My pleasure. I love learning new stuff!

    Hmmm, I can see how that plugin would be useful if your site is already built and stable. However, it seems that it might interfere if your site is constantly “under construction”.

    Don’t just copy your entire stylesheet into your child theme. This WILL create potential problems.

    Maybe contact the author and see if he knows of a solution for working with a child theme. Seems to me he should have already taken this into account, as any “experienced” wordpresser is going to be using a child theme.

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