Help with using Market Press E-commerce and Graphene

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    Please please help me. I’m using graphene and have recently tried to install the plugin Market Press to set up a e-commerce section to the site.

    However I keep getting the following error code

    ERROR: You must supply the post ID to get the image from as an argument when calling the graphene_get_post_image() function.

    This is on this page –

    I’ve been in long discussions with the plugin support team and we have narrowed it down to a theme issue. Please someone help me.

    Here is the feed from the plugin support page –

    Must say by the way Graphene is truly amazing and this is the only trouble I’ve had with it


    Kenneth John Odle


    Sorry, I don’t know enough about PHP to tell you why you are getting that error message.

    That said, however, there are a lot of e-commerce plugins you can use, many of which don’t charge a thing. My own host offers a couple of options for e-commerce, at no charge. So look around before signing up for anything that asks for numbers.

    My 2 cents/pence, anyway.




    Hi Ken, Thanks for the input. I must admit I tried a few different ones that had the features I was looking for in a cart solution, all had problems creating a e-commerce with the graphene theme. So as this was my prefered one thought I’d fight through and try and get this one working.




    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Martin,

    Can you just briefly switch to TwentyTen and do a screenshot, so that I can see how it’s supposed to look like?



    Hi Syahir,

    Not sure how to upload a image on here. there is a screen shot of it on TwentyEleven on the forum I was previously on

    Looking for post on the 31st August.

    Thanks for your help


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try tinypic or twitpic or something similar. Or post a screen shot on a test post that you can later discard. The forum post on my end says “[attachments are only viewable by logged in members]” so we can’t see what’s going on.



    Hi Kenneth,

    many many apologies didn’t realise that.

    Here is a link –




    Syahir Hakim


    No good, Martin. We would need to see how it’s supposed to work, so that we can at least have some pointer at where to look at to figure out why it doesn’t work with Graphene. The screenshot you provided shows the page with a PHP fatal error. We need a screenshot of the plugin actually working.



    Hi Syahir,

    That’s my fault for taking the wrong screen shot.

    Here is a link to what it should look like –


    Syahir Hakim


    OK. Would you mind giving me access to your site’s WP Admin and FTP access to the server? It’ll be much easier to troubleshoot the problem that way. You can send the details using the contact form on my site:

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