Help! Latest Update has messed up my page display

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    I had the same problem with text wrapping round images.

    After a lot of time with the developer function of Chrome and Safari I fixed it by putting this in my child theme style.css

    .entry-content p {
    overflow: visible;

    Should have looked here first



    Just discovered the bad news that this fix breaks something else.

    At the bottom of a parent page the Graphene Theme includes an excerpt of each child page

    When I have made the change recommended above, the block-button on the excerpts is hidden except on the bottom one.

    Screenshot at×116.png

    Related question: is there an option to disable display of child page excerpts on a parent page?



    Fixed my problem.

    Add this code to my child style.css

    .child-page .entry-content p {
    overflow: hidden;

    but I would still like to know if there’s an option to suppress display of child page excerpts on the parent page.


    Syahir Hakim


    The option has been added to the upcoming version 1.3



    I would be happy to help test the upcoming version 1.3, especially the text wrapping round images.

    Is there new function as well as bug fixes?




    The default page menu (see development site at

    When I click on a page in the navigation menu, the new page name becomes highlighted.

    When I click on a post, Home remains highlighted in the navigation menu.

    I would expect Home to lose its highlighting in the menu when I’m on a different page or post.

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