Gray Triangles with Google Chrome Update

  • LegolasGamer


    Hi, i experienced the same problem on my website ( )

    You just need to have the new version Chrome 17 and scroll the page to have gray triangles that appears.

    Here is a screenshot :

    It happen on a lot of Graphene websites..



    Hi friends 🙂

    I have the same problem in my site (Graphene theme).

    I removed this line in style.css:

    border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;

    This line is around line 730 in class post.

    Of course this isn’t the best solution because we lost border on the bottom. :/

    Have anyone better idea?

    John McCubbin


    i had this problem but it has since gone since i upgraded to vesion 1.6



    Wow – thank you so much @qbahn. I snipped out that line in the stylesheet and no more gray triangles!! I can live without that bottom border – it was hardly even noticeable anyway.

    @John McCubbin, good tip too. I have installed 1.6 on a new site and noticed that the gray triangle issue doesn’t exist in the new version.



    Yep, removing that line from .post fixed it for me as well.



    I did that but it was ugly even if my gray triangles were off..

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