Gray Triangles with Google Chrome Update

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    Apparently Google Chrome has updated its browser and now my Graphene theme is displaying a gray triangle over the pages that have a sidebar. The triangle covers much of the text of the page and the title. Anyone have a fix for this?



    Screen shot of this.

    And what is your site I am running the new chrome and have been running the beta at all times and have not noticed any problems with my site.



    check out Let me know if you see it on any of the pages. It seems to only show when there is a sidebar display included on the page.



    I am not seeing that when I look at the site with Chrome



    Do you know which version of Chrome you are using? My computer is running Google Chrome 17. I think it was released today.



    If you are using Google Chrome 17, the triangles will show up when you do the following on the homepage I mentioned above:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page so that the entire post is displaying on your monitor.

    2. Click your refresh button on your browser.

    By doing that, a gray triangle should pop up on your screen. That’s what keeps happening to mine. But it’s only on Google Chrome 17, which was released today.



    Running chrome 17 and don’t see any triangle:


    Kenneth John Odle


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    This is probably some sort of setting on your end, possibly related to the fact that the browser is newly downloaded. Without a screenshot, it’s difficult to be more precise.



    Thanks. Will try to get screen shot later bu if you want to test it you have to first scroll to the bottom of that homepage and then click refresh on your browser. This guy is having same issue at

    Check his site out too.

    Sorry I posted in wrong section earlier.



    Oops his site is

    Check his out. Thx!

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