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    I just updated to 1.6 and for some reason the sidebar widgets are not appearing corrently. There are a meta and archives widget appearing even though I have not selected those widgets to appear. The widgets that I have designated to appear in the sidebar are not appearing. I did find that the footer widgets are updating but not the sidebar 1.

    Please help!



    And here is the website I’m working on:



    I realized the sidebar 1 widget was for the right side and the sidebar 2 widget area is for the left side.



    I have same issues. Seems that the widget size is too wide so and wrapping around ( or down ). Making the container size wider corrects the problem, but whole layout is now off. I am wondering if the meta and archive widget can be made narrower ?

    Advise welcome !


    Kenneth John Odle



    It’s impossible for us to tell if you don’t have any widgets showing!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Also, please don’t hijack threads that are marked as “Resolved”. People may just skip over them and not bother to read them. Feel free to start a new, unresolved, thread and link to the resolved one if necessary.



    I am having the same problem on my site ( How do I resolve this issue? I don’t see an answer above. I have removed every single widget from all of the widget areas. Thanks in advance.



    On the widget dashboard page, you will see on the right side “Sidebar Widget Area,” “Sidebar Two Widget Area,” and “Footer Widget.” Update the “Sidebar Two Widget Area” with the widgets you want. That is what I did to resolve the issue.



    Thanks wonderingaboutthat…but it didn’t work. I put in the calendar and search feature just to have added something, but only the meta and archive appear. I deleted my cache too. Any other suggestions?


    Syahir Hakim


    What sidebar widget areas do you currently have in WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets?

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