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  • leenaan


    Hi everyone and thanks for the great theme you made!

    I’m curently working on my website using graphene as a basis and I like to custom the slider.

    I’d like to have the full image and the title of the article above the image, not over.

    I tried but I only managed to mess with it… ._.

    Is there a way you can help me?


    Kenneth John Odle

    I’d like to have the full image and the title of the article above the image, not over.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by that.

    What settings are you using in Graphene Options >> General Settings >> Slider Options >> “Slider display style”?

    I can’t see your site as the connection to your server keeps timing out. Screenshot? Link to something similar to what you want?



    Thanks for answering me!

    Well, my settings are in french so I’m not sure of the translate option name:

    it’s the second choice: background image and sum up…?

    But I already change the css to erase the excert of the post.

    I just want the background image and the title of the article, which I currently have, BUT I want the title not to be over the background, but displayed on the top of the slider.

    Let’s make it simplier with images

    what I have:


    what I want:


    Hope I made myself clear, I’m not reaaaally good at english!! ^^’

    but thanks for trying!

    By the way, you still can’t reach my website? é_è :


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, it’s still timing out. I can’t see your images.

    Do you mean that you want the post title to be outside of the slider itself?




    really?! You can’t see them! crap! ._.

    Yes, that’s it! I want the title outside the background slider but still sliding with the image.

    How can I make that possible?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you mean you want something like this:


    If so, I’m not sure that is possible.



    yes, that’s it!

    I want the title outside the background.

    Oooow…. That’s not possible?

    Even if the image used for the background as something like a padding making space above to display the title? é_è


    Kenneth John Odle


    No. I tried using CSS to move the post title from outside the slider container, but it simply disappears.



    Yeah, I know… I already tried that… ._.

    but I really thought that perhaps, with padding and such it would have been possible…

    Well, I’ll continu trying, maybe I would find something… hopefully… ;_;

    Thanks for trying anyway!! :3



    I found it!! /o/

    The css was in theme-slider.php

    I enlarged the slider ‘s height in the settings, then display the background image in no-repeat, bottom left.

    Then I just have to change the css to display the title in top left and style ot the way I wanted and VOILA !!!

    Thanks again for your help Kenneth, I was pleased to have answers to my request.

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