Generic avatars no longer display in comments after upgrade to 1.6

  • deputy963


    I’ve used the custom width option to expand the container to 1160. After upgrading to 1.6 I removed the custom css I had previously used to accomplish that.

    The generic avatars no longer display in comments after upgrade to 1.6. All that displays is a sliver of gray.



    Is this related to the author avatar/bio issue caused by increasing the width of the theme?



    Your site says that my IP address is blocked.. I’m not a spammer though! 🙂

    I use dynamic IP. So, I’ll check your site later.



    Can you post or email your IP? I’ll whitelist it so you can access it.



    My current IP is But, my IP always start with 117.192 (India – ISP = BSNL)



    IP whitelisted – you should be able to see it now!

    I do apologize, we get a ton of spam comments and forum posts, so every occurrence blocks the IP for a long period to prevent it from happening again.



    Yeah, it is showing some people’s avatar, but not everyone’s. So, I’ve posted a comment here to test my Gravatar ( )

    But, it seems comment moderation is being used in your site..



    Approved! Sorry about all the troubles.



    Did you install any other comment systems like Disqus or facebook comments? I saw .al2fb_widget_comments property loading from one of your CSS.



    There are no new plugins installed prior to, or after, the upgrade to 1.6, nor are there any plugins for commenting.

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