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  • danick



    after I uploaded my logo, my stack:post showing latest blog post is not placed correctly. I chose to show 3 column but some times the third post skipped to the next row leaving 2 blog post with a big blank space for the 3rd.

    It happens randomly, sometimes it is ok sometimes this problem arises. my screen is already in full length.





    I noticed the same problem, even with masonry disabled.

    “Solved” it for now by making two rows of, in my case 4 posts, with the second row using the, Skip the first posts, option set 4.



    but i dont really have this problem previously, it is only 2 days ago i notice this happening is it the retina plugin problem?



    I don’t think so because i am not using the retina plugin and still have the problem. It seems to be a combination of title post length and excerpt somehow, because it doesn’t happen all the time.

    But that is just a suspicion, not the professional here 🙂



    i see, maybe the expert can help. they seems to be busy.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi danick,

    The posts on your home page seems to be displaying correctly at the moment. Is there any other pages on your site where the issue is happening?



    If danick doesn’t have an example you can see it here.

    Changed my setup to 3 columns for example purposes but happens with 4 also.



    okok i have uploaded a screen capture

    it happens 80% of the time, mostly in chrome, sometime firefox too

    Thank you



    gendji, i went to your web and it display fine, so its really very random.

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