Featured image size… how do I adjust?

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    it seems that no matter what image I upload, and what shape it is, it resizes to a square – eg. if I upload an image 150*200, it resizes to 150*150… not a massive issue, but it has resized all of the images on old posts to 75*75 squares and I am going to have to go through them all and resize




    I have just updated your template again to the latest version, and now the images are behaving strangely again.

    Note on http://www.iodyorkshire.co.uk, the post image (top left of post) has the first para to the right, and the second jumps to below the post. Also, I end all of my posts with the image of the author and their bio, and the same thing is happening – first para to the right and the next one jumps down. All images are LEFT aligned. Please help.

    Thanks in advance, Lisa



    Hi – I see from the post: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/topic/help-latest-update-has-messed-up-my-page-display that you have a solution. Please close this post – thanks.


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