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Featured image size… how do I adjust?

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    We have been using your lovely template since Oct and have over 90 blogs. I upgraded to the latest version of Graphene this week and it has made a bit of a mess of my featured images… Someone called Kim has suggested that I need to resize all of my images to 75 by 75

    Not massively happy with this solution – can you come back to me with what’s happened, why the images had changed size and what I can do to fix? Many thanks


    Hi (itstrategylisa)

    Try WordPress settings:

    Where You can set thumbnail-size.



    sorry – a little confused – can you please clarify whether I am going to have to resize every featured image to 75?

    I am confused as to why the featured image size has changed! I used to be able to paste in what I wanted irrespective of size.

    I have no experience of customising WP and would prefer not to. It was working fine before I upgraded the template….

    Where do I find the options for thumbnail size in the administration screens?

    Thanks in advance,



    Hi Lisa

    Try WordPress page:

    http:// /wp-admin/options-media.php

    Choose any size of Thumbnail You like best.




    adjusted to 150*150 and the featured image on the slider has not changed – please help.



    Syahir Hakim

    The only thing that’s changed related to the Featured Image for the theme is that the header image size is now 960px x 198px, instead of 900px x 198px previously. That means if you use any featured image that’s bigger than 960px x 198px in your posts, they will replace the header image when that post is viewed.

    Apart from that, nothing has changed in regard to the Featured image size in the slider. It is still the same, using WordPress’ default thumbnail size of 150px x 150px.

    I’m not very clear as to which featured image display you are referring to. But if you are referring to the featured image that is being displayed in the slider, nothing has changed there, and you don’t have to resize your images.



    Thanks for coming back to me. Please see my home page I have removed the featured image from the slider (graph) and re-added it. It should be 150*122, but as you can see it has made it very small in the slider, and square.

    Equally the second post (and all of the rest) have been resized. The second post (Social Entrepreneurs – who are they & how can you support them?) has a featured image in the slider of 150*56 but again it has been resized so the image is square and much smaller.

    I am sorry to nag but this has really affected the look of the site and I need help sorting.

    It was fine – ie. I could paste in whatever size and shape images I wanted until 1.2.

    Syahir Hakim

    This could be due to wordpress resizing those images to 50×50 size because one of the sides is smaller than the thumbnail size, which is 150×150. Try uploading an image that’s bigger than 150×150 and see if it displays correctly.


    Hi, thanks for coming back to me.

    Hi – it seems that if I add anything other than a perfect square it resizes it. I am thus having to upload images that are square, which is a little of a pain. Thoughts?

    Syahir Hakim

    Even if the size is greater than 150×150? E.g. something like 200×300 should be resized properly to 150×150 by WordPress upon upload.



    it seems that no matter what image I upload, and what shape it is, it resizes to a square – eg. if I upload an image 150*200, it resizes to 150*150… not a massive issue, but it has resized all of the images on old posts to 75*75 squares and I am going to have to go through them all and resize



    I have just updated your template again to the latest version, and now the images are behaving strangely again.

    Note on, the post image (top left of post) has the first para to the right, and the second jumps to below the post. Also, I end all of my posts with the image of the author and their bio, and the same thing is happening – first para to the right and the next one jumps down. All images are LEFT aligned. Please help.

    Thanks in advance, Lisa


    Hi – I see from the post: that you have a solution. Please close this post – thanks.


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