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    When I woke up this morning, my Facebook share button (thru JetPack) seems to be not working properly. when I click on it from my site (www.yougotthatforwhat.com), it’ll take me to the FB login page, and allow me to share, however, the link AND the text underneath does not match the link or text from the post I want to share. The text is from a post that I did put up but it keeps showing that same Post text rather than the one I am trying to post on FB. I tried a bunch of different posts and they all keep showing the same text. I also tried taking my FB share button off for a few mins. thru JetPack, then put it back up but no change. Please help!





    Does it keep showing the post from the very first page you shared using the button?



    no but it HAS done that in the past before….it seems to keep showing the post BEFORE the one I am currently trying to post on Facebook (so the text is not relevant to the new post) and even when I manually copy and paste one of my post’s links onto Facebook, it won’t show up a separate link…it just adds a comment below the orignal “problem” post. I tried deleting the post that seemed to have caused the problem and now like I said above, it’s “behind” one post (text appearing from the previous post). Hope this makes sense!



    can anyone help? is there anywhere I can “edit” the FB text when sharing onto FB?



    OK so now the correct text is appearing when I share a post from my website to FB, but they are not showing up as INDIVIDUAL posts on my news feed or anyone else’s for that matter. It is important for my site’s business that separate posts be displayed with each thumbnail photo and small description of the post underneath as many of my readers just look at the pic and decide if they want to click on it. Now its seems the latest post will show up on a news feed but all the previous posts that I put up right before that are showing up UNDERNEATH the latest post, so they almost look like comments, rather than separate posts. Any insight?



    It’s kind of difficult to help without knowing the plugin. Could you perhaps provide images to help me understand what is going on? I clicked on your facebook link, and all posts to the feed look like they are aligned.

    Maybe I’m not looking in the right place?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You might also try looking at the JetPack site to if there are known issues/bugs: http://jetpack.me/

    Personally, I find it much easier to just go to Facebook and get their widget code. Easy to customize and never causes problems.




    Hey guys,

    Thanks for looking into this for me – it’s so frustrating sometimes!! anyway Josh, to answer your question – they are showing up on my actual site’s FB page but not in people’s newsfeeds correctly (I can check on my personal FB account and my husband’s, so that’s how i know since I am a “fan” of my own page). Now the thumbnail pics aren’t showing up either for each post. I dont’ know what’s going on and it seems to keep changing but for the worse! Also it’s not the large FB icon on my sidebar that’s causing the problem – that one is fine and is just my “like” button for people to like my page on FB. It’s the FB share icon at the bottom of each post through JetPack that is the problem…..I’m not sure how to show you pictures of the problems – can you tell me how do that?



    Ahhh, gotcha.

    Well, again, I’m not too familiar with the plugin. I would recommend following Ken’s advice as stated above; either check the forum of the plugin, or use code provided by facebook for that particular feature.

    I would just use the code provided by facebook here:



    Kenneth John Odle


    Yup, except this is the one Facebook wants you to use.


    Keep in mind that the default width is 450px, which is far too wide for Graphene’s sidebars.

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