Disable video in post listing not working with Stacks

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    The option Disable video in post listing doesn’t work together with FJ Stack: Posts.

    It still shows the video as the “Featured Image”.

    With normal post lists based on category for example, it works as expected, featured image is show, not the video.

    I tested it by using a featured image and an image in the post itself. Either way, the video is shown.

    FJ Stack: Posts example Here

    Normal listing based on Category: Here

    It’s the last message “Recordaantal (40.006) lichtjes voor herdenking Q-koortsslachtoffers” (use load more)

    Don’t worry there aren’t that many messages there yet 🙂



    I have narrowed down the problem to the auto embedding of WordPress.

    Meaning that if you put a video link in a post right away, the video will show as the featured image, regardless of any image in the post or if you use a featured image.

    If i use <iframe></iframe> to embed a video, this doesn’t happen.

    On a side note. changing a post from WP embed to iframe doesn’t change the featured image. Page builder uses some sort of cache?, which still shows the video as featured image after changing the post. Deleting the post and making it again seems to be the only thing that works.

    Apparently some themes using Page Builder, have an option to clear that cache but i haven’t found that option in FJ.



    Thanks for the tip, it did not seem to work on my pages, no matter what I tried the iframe would not display the video



    Have you tried using <iframe></iframe> in the text editor? Doesn’t work with the visual editor.



    Yep I’ve tried that, it’s still not displaying, I jusr get a blank box on the post



    Do you have a link to the video so i can test it myself?





    Using <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NBl4mLID9dQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    the video displays correctly used in a post.



    Yes it does! Thanks!



    The only trouble is the videos are still showing instead of the featured image.

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