Custom Menu Tutorial?

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    Kenneth John Odle


    That would be a very long tutorial, indeed.

    Actually, it didn’t turn out to be as long as I thought it would be. Comment on my blog (not here) about what other tutorials you would like to see next.

    I guess part of my confusion is not knowing which part is WordPress general and which aspects are specifically Graphene related

    This is a big one. I’ve been working with Graphene for so long now that the line is a bit blurry. But good to know and think about.



    Well what I do do know and which you can tell from my billions of forum questions is…that if you are relatively new to wordpress and to the concept of themes…it’s realllly time consuming and frustrating to figure out where to start, which kind of theme to use, which options matter and which don’t for what you’re trying to do. Like, I ended up using and Elegant Theme “Envisioned” for my portfolio site, OMG it took me two weeks to sort that out, and I’m a web designer by profession. But I hadn’t had much WP experience. So it seems to me that some “how to know what you need” and “if you use x theme start here and do these 20 steps” with FAQs for the common stuff you see asked.

    I’ll post that on your blog as well.I just feel like you step into the middle of the lake with no idea which way to swim first and no idea if the shore you’re aiming for will even be what you want when you get there.

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