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    Is there a simple menu building tutorial out there? For some reason I am just not “getting” how to build the navigation properly. I’d like to build a nav menu which looks like this one:

    Where some have lists below and some don’t.

    Any help appreciated very much!




    I want it to look like it does in the demo. Are there any step by step instructions to make it look like that?



    Got it. It was a huge help to find in a tutorial that you have to drag the menu items a bit to the side to get them to be sub-categories.

    I think a basic menu tutorial would be a reeeally nice thing to have.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try the last entry on this post.

    Not quite what you were looking for, but close, I think.





    I do think it would be helpful to have a “totally new to wordpress and graphene” tutorial sticky posted somewhere 🙂

    Thanks for that link, it does look very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time.


    Kenneth John Odle


    That would be a very long tutorial, indeed.

    Well, the codex offers this starting point, which covers most topics. You can also Google “wordpress tutorials” or just “WordPress” and whatever topic you are trying to figure out. Some results are more useful than others, so be sure to bookmark them.




    Syahir Hakim


    Here’s a good tutorial on using the Custom Menu screen:



    I guess part of my confusion is not knowing which part is WordPress general and which aspects are specifically Graphene related, how to mod the appearance etc. I’ve been working with the general WP tutorials which are helpful…but I mean it would be nice to have a Graphene specific tutorial/overview and perhaps with links to the general WordPress tutorials.

    It’s confusing when you’re just getting started to figure it out and a basic overview/step by step guide would sure make it easier 🙂



    Kenneth John Odle




    Ohhhhhh I wish I’d had that three weeks ago!

    Not that I won’t still have 50000 annoying questions as I go along I’m sure 🙂

    Thanks! That will reallllly help people I’m sure, it looks perfect!

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