copyright/footer problem

  • John McCubbin


    i have updated my local site to graphene 1.7 and for some reason the copyright has all bunched up i had this problem before and the code #copyright {width: 920px;}fixed this but for some reason its not doing it this time

    John McCubbin


    not meaning to be impatient just keeping it fresh

    John McCubbin


    Syahir Hakim


    Post the URL to your site.



    Try changing width in terms of percentage. Like,

    #copyright {
    width: 95%;

    John McCubbin


    i tried this it did not work this is on my local site and am a bit reluctant apply to live site until i have this sorted

    John McCubbin


    here is an edited screenshot if it helps


    John McCubbin


    anyone? please

    John McCubbin


    no one?

    John McCubbin


    can anyone help?

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