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  • Mitchell


    Hi –

    With the recent upgrade to the theme it appears that the font changes I made for some reason did not take. The font for my slider and my headers are all Times New Roman though I have them coded to be something else. Can anyone help? The site can be found here.




    Hi Mitchell,

    When you upgrade your theme, you will lose any changes you made to core files. If you coded the fonts differently, say in your style.css file, it gets replaced during an update… resulting in custom changes being overwritten.

    Instead, use a child theme. This will ensure your changes to css and custom functions will be preserved during future updates. You may find out more here:

    As far as the fonts… have you tried using the option in the admin panel? Under Graphene Options, click the “Display” tab, and then click “Text Style Options”.

    You may adjust text sizes, fonts, colors, etc… directly from the admin panel without needing to hardcode anything.




    Hi Josh –

    I do need to make the child theme – thanks for the link for that – but in the interim, I had already modified my settings under the “Text Style Options” – but with no change in results.



    Well, if you already changed it using custom css, then changing it in the text style options is not going to do anything. Because it is being overridden by your custom css setting.

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