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    Thanks for the words of advice. They carbon copy my words to my client who insists on having it auto-play. I can’t stand it either, but hey, they are the ones making the investment! They did agree that if the customers complain, they will consider that advice. So until then, I guess we will have to violate a “best practice” rule of media in a website. The movement in the bug was also a compromise. They wanted ants or termites crawling across the page. I told them that people call them to get away from bugs! But they too like the lady bug. Thank you so much for the help this evening.




    What process do you use to get a screenshot to insert into a post? I usually do “print screen” and then paste it in paint. Then save it to open in Photoshop. And the result is always a shi**y looking image.

    When you’re making a post, say the firebug example, how do you get your screenshots?



    @ ErikH

    Well said!! You’re mighty welcome.



    Josh: If you are using Windows 7, try the free Gadwin print screen utility. It has a lot of save as functionality. However, I cannot seem to upload OR paste to this forum. I would have used it to show you where I wanted the wood grain earlier.



    Thanks for that. I haven’t upgraded to 7 yet. I’ve tried it a few times, but always encountered an issue where something was incompatible. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit and know my way around XP… but 7 didn’t really do it for me.



    Josh, it works with XP too. I had to find one that worked with Win7 as the one I had been using with XP did not.


    Kenneth John Odle



    I either use windoze “Snipping Tool” or the LightScreen app. On a Mac I use SnapNDrag.

    However, if you copy it to the clipboard and then go immediately to Photoshop, select “new” and there is an option to open a new document the size of the clipboard. I’ve never been impressed with Paint.


    You can post pics to twitpic and then include a link here. Some folks have managed to insert pics, but I’ve never figured it out.





    I had to try it 🙂



    Thanks guys. I’ll try both your suggestions.

    Yeah, I hate paint! It was just the only program I knew how to paste a screenshot. I would just use it to paste, and then save to open in photoshop.

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