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    Kenneth John Odle


    The main content area (between the nav menus and the footer) is a <div> whose id is #content



    Thanks Ken.


    So try,

    #content {
    background: url("");



    Josh, specifically the gray area (#e3e3e3) behind the page/posting/widget area inside the content of the page. On this site using the Graphene theme, the page content is white with with a rounded top right corner. I am referring to the gray area behind THAT and maybe the footer section that is the same color.



    The area behind the bug’s head and wiggling antennae!



    YES! that’s it! Thank you sooooo much! Now my client will be happy!

    What all tags in the css do what here? This might be something that I would like to really tweak around with.



    Start using Mozilla Firefox with the Firebug add-on. This is an extremely valuable resource not usually talked about too much in forums. I think I’m risking my life by posting it here 😉

    Just google it.

    I do have one suggestion for your site… and please just view this as constructive criticism. I personally can’t stand when a site loads video or audio without me clicking anything. The autoplay feature can be very discouraging to some viewers of your site. If they are interested in the services, certainly they will click the play button of your video.

    There is nothing worse than having multiple tabs open, and audio starts screaming through your speakers… and you begin a frantic hunt trying to determine the source.

    Just an outsiders’ perspective 🙂



    I didn’t even notice the wiggling antennae. And I looked right at that little sucker.

    Nice, subtle touch 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    I think I’m risking my life by posting it here 😉

    Still laughing out loud about that.

    Firebug is so useful. I wish everybody used it. I’ll try to get out a tutorial about it in the next week or so.

    BTW, I agree about the autoplay feature, especially as I usually have a lot of tabs open, and tend to associate that with some sort of advert–whose tab gets immediately closed. It’s annoying.


    Kenneth John Odle


    They are moving! I didn’t notice it either!

    Now I can’t help but notice it. Funny how some little design element like that catches your attention.



    I know, right?!! It’s little touches like those I really like on a site. Perfect!!

    This is too funny… The world’s worst website… read the graphic about the music 🙂

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