Can't open widgets..

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    i love graphene theme.

    i use it from more then 6 month

    i try to solve my problem from 1 week but i can’t…plz help me..

    under appearence when i clik on widgets,i just see wite page…i want to add some slide bars.but can’t open widget page….

    my site address:


    John McCubbin


    try deactivating any plugins and then if the problems has solved its self look to see what plugin has caused this as some plugins are buggy



    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    sory prasanna

    its just 1st time i care….



    @John McCubbin allready i deactive some plugins.ok i will try again

    John McCubbin


    I this doesnt work it I’m not sure. if its not the plug-ins try another theme and see if you have the problem If the problam stays the only thing I can suggest is re-installing wordpress but someone else might know something different if you don’t want to jump into a re-install



    i deactive all plugins but still can’t open widget page…still is showing blank page



    hope someone help me

    but thankx John McCubbin

    i see this in top adress bad:

    John McCubbin


    you should have something there so i assume there is a problem somewhere did you try a different theme



    yes john i try with other theme but still i see wite page

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