Bug? unwanted horizontal scollbar

  • zrowbd


    ok so i deleted the custom css code from the theme options and replaced the rtl.css with the one you sent me.

    now the horizontal scrollbar is gone but the menu still doesn’t drop.. basically it functions exactly the same as with the custom css code you gave me last time



    any news on this issue? still having trouble with the drop down menus… thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding this to Custom CSS:

    #nav li:hover ul {
    right: auto;



    works like a charm. no horizontal scroll bar and the drop down menus function perfectly thanks!

    i’m getting a notice that there’s a Graphene Theme update to version 1.5.1 (i have 1.4.1 right now). can i update to 1.5.1 without worries of things going bad? that custom css and that new rtl.css you sent me won’t be a problem?


    Syahir Hakim


    With the code above in your Custom CSS option, there shouldn’t be a problem.



    perfect. thank you very much! 😀

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