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    Yeah sorry it should be

    As I say I found the issue was with social sharing, I would like the socail sharing on all pages except the forum page, but have disabled it for now.

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    Ok I have found the issue with this and it seems to be the social sharing button, is there a way I can use the socail sharing button on all pages except the forum page?

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    Phew, I thought I broke something, Thanks muchly Kenneth.

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    Thanks very much, all resolved now.

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    I have added that link as a custom menu for the footer, but i would now like to remove the link from the header menu so it only shows in the footer.

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    Yes i would like to remove the last item in the header menu and leave it in the footer

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    Thanks very much that worked, My skills with web building and code and very limited, I appreciate your help no end.

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    I have tried disabling plug ins as well but nothing worked, does anyone else have any ideas?

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    Just place code between backticks.

    You are not closing that center tag.

    Btw, the use of center is deprecated. Try this:

    <div style="text-align: center;">
    <a />
    <img src="path to image" alt="Win a Vision Spinner and Charger. Simply post a guest blog post. Click for details." />

    But I agree with Luko: you should host this image on your own site. Upload it to the media gallery, and use the link it provides.

    Also, alt text should be descriptive. It assists those with disabilities in accessing your site.

    These issues are probably not why slider is not working. Try disabling plugins to see if there is a plugin conflict.

    Thanks for the response, I tried that code but nothing appears.

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    Thanks widget logic works great.

    The code is

    *center* *a href=””**img src=”; alt=”some_text” /* */a>

    * represents <>

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