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  • “First, you should never edit the theme’s core files, or your changes will be overridden at the next update. That is why Graphene offers a custom CSS option. We also are constantly recommending, and providing links to resources for, creating a child theme.”

    First, I didn’t read the Child Theme links because…

    “…A child theme is extremely important when performing advanced CSS and PHP with the Graphene theme. “

    …and, although i’m not a CSS wizard, i am of the humble opinion that changing the COLOR to the HEADER and FOOTER shouldn’t be classified under “advanced CSS and PHP”.

    Just sayin’.

    “Second, both of these topics have been discussed many times in this forum. A quick search of the forum will reveal many of these threads. A search is always a good start.”

    I did search and i only found someone with the same complaint except that he was only concerned with the Header, in which someone replied that he could “…check the light-colored header box”.

    Light-colored check box? Wow.

    Why can’t people just choose the color of their Header and Footer? They can already change the color of more esoteric features, why is the color of the Header and Footer such an impossible enigma?

    “Third, we are always recommending that you use Firebug to examine the code behind a website, either your own or someone else’s, to figure out what to tweak. Josh, Prasanna, and I all have Graphene-based sites in which we have changed these items (I have two, in fact), and you are free to use Firebug to examine how we coded our sites to learn how to code yours.”

    …do all that just to…change the color of a Header and Footer? o_0;

    “Finally, I can understand your frustration at not being able to do something the way you would like to do it.”

    It’s just not “something”, it’s “something incredibly basic”.

    “However, this is not a very basic feature, as both of these areas contain links and text, and providing a way to change the background involves providing a way to change these items as well. Graphene has so many features available that the creators have to balance how many people want this new feature with how many people will be overwhelmed with yet another option.”

    Being a new to WordPress, i think it’s pretty safe to say that most new people like me would be better off being able to chance the most basic of aesthetics, it certainly is much better than the frustration it causes.

    “I bet if you asked very nicely in the Support section (and included a link to your Graphene-based site), several people would be happy to point you in the right direction.”

    I shouldn’t need tech support to change, again, the color of the Header and Footer. That seems to be a total given.

    “Did you not see this thread?”

    Yes, and it is for Footer IMAGES, not to change Footer color.

    You know what? I’ll just go see if someone else has had the revolutionary idea of letting a user change the color of the Header and Footer without having to be a CSS Wizard.

    Thank you for your time.

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