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    Not working, although I could have changed the wrong code somewhere…

    Test menu (www.moltenrock.co.uk/wp/ ) shows the ghost of an “arrow” behind the text, but the text is still white.

    I replaced existing code but no luck. I believe it is the ancestor text I would like to be black (that on the yellow background)

    many thanks,

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    please can you advise on two slider questions;

    first, on my old site I used a jquery sliding image set-up with two navigation buttons, left and right (you can see it here http://www.moltenrock.co.uk .)

    Can I use the same buttons on graphene?

    Second, please can you tell me the default slider image size?

    Many thanks

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    First time here so please forgive if I make mistakes in posting…

    Testing site is: http://www.moltenrock.co.uk/wp/

    I can’t locate the function to change text colour in the navigation menu. When it has a yellow background I would like the text black, not white. Thank you for any advice!

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