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    If you comment out the following from the #top-bar, it works

    /*position: relative;*/

    Thanks anyways

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    I have a very small issue but I couldn’t solve it so far.

    I have 2 menus:

    1- At the very top of the header (I call it top menu)

    2- At the very bottom of the header (I call it second menu)

    After 1.8.1 update, the top menu displays in Firefox but it is not clickable. In IE, it works very weird. i.e. when I click on the menu items, it doesnt allow me to go to the second level menu elements

    The CSS code for displaying the top menu on the very top of the page is:

    #header-menu-wrap {

    background: #1F6EB6;




    I discovered that if I comment out position:absolute; part , the top menu works. but. it shows up right on the top of the second menu in which I do not like.

    I want the top menu displays at the very top of the page.

    Would you please help me with that?

    Tahnk you

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