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    @Kenneth John Odle:

    Okay, so I went to try to reinstall my site just now, but the WordPress importer plugin says “warning, this plug-in has not been tested with your version of WordPress. I have the latest version, 3.9.2 and it says it’s only been tested up to 3.8.3. Also it’s only been rated a three star, what’s up with that?

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    New post started by mistake! Whoops!

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    @Kenneth John Odle:

    I’ve got a related question but the original topic section I found the info in was at: and that topic has been closed down now.

    I did what Josh said, but changed the parameters to what I thought I wanted and also changed the .two-columns code to .three-columns, since I have three columns on my site. I played around with the parameters a bit to get it like I wanted, but no matter what I did it seemed to stay just the same. Also, very important to know: I installed a plugin that was supposed to make it much easier and automated to do, called My Custom CSS on this page

    You put the code in the footer of the plugin, is what the developer said to do. Since it seemed not to do anything, I uninstalled it. Now, when you go to my site and click on the slider, it goes to a static page that does not revert. This happens no matter whether you click on a picture (which is worse) or the title.

    The bottom border of the slider (which would be part of the center column, right?) is way too high now, covering up part of the text I wrote. The top widget on the right side is overlapping the sidebar way too much, that’s the only additional change I noticed probably happened. It was overlapping already when I originally had it two columns but after I changed it to three it got a lot worse. I noticed it possibly could’ve changed more after changing the CSS code, but that’s the only other change I noticed.

    Sorry that these may be really newbie dingy questions, but any advice I can get would be enormously appreciated. In case you need to know the parameters, I changed the container width to 1500 px, and the .three-columns #content-main width to 1200 and the .three-columns .post width to 900 px or 1000 px, I believe. These were the last changes I made after playing around with them a couple of times with much lower numbers, like Josh suggested for that other guy, but I noticed no differences.

    I also realized after doing it that – duh! Those parameters were way too big – my header is exactly 960 px, which I must of had to of designed it that way to get it to fit with the custom size space there. I was just trying to get what that guy asked Josh, was how to make the overall theme border thinner like in the Graphene theme example they give (it looks A LOT thinner.) Other sites with white or light container borders look fine, but since mine is black (the way I want it) it looks really heavy like something is missing. I started out making the container width 1060 px like Josh suggested to him, but noticed no difference, so kept on going higher.

    I notice there are a lot of other “custom CSS” plugins on the site, and a lot of them are rated five star. Probably I should stay away from them and just start a child theme and edit that. But any advice you can give so I don’t have to reinstall my entire site would be greatly appreciated. I just learned recently how to back up my site, which I did before all of this, but I hope my hosting SQL file is up to date (I believe they do regular updates automatically) but even so, I’m afraid of losing my whole site. Sorry about the long-winded question.

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