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    🙂 I found the culprit, it was a plugin for livefyre that i disabled, it wasn’t working anyways. Thanks!

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    Hi, Kenneth, and thanks for your suggestions. I disabled All In One SEO and it didn’t do the trick. it’s probably a different plugin, I’ll start checking them all and return if this doesn’t work. Thanks again!

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    Honestly, I have no idea. it’s the counter of the theme, the one that displays on the first page the number of comments for each post that appears on that first page.

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    actually, when I hit “reload”, for couple of seconds the counters from previous posts indicate the correct number of comments on these posts, then (under my eyes) the counters reset to zero. Please help!

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    Hi, in the mean time I solved the part with the header, but I still have this counter resetting problem. Do you guys have a solution to this?

    Thanks a bunch,


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    Sweet and a thousand thanks! looks like the second syntax

    li .current-menu-item#menu-item-170 {style;}

    works just fine! Whitout the space between li and the current-menu-…


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    I did try this, the problem was that there are six different tabs, for which i want to associate six different colors. If i set the current-menu-item with a specific color, each one of the six tabs will display that color, no matter what. This is, actually, how i have it now. More specifically, I would like that, when i click o the first tab, instead of #e3e3e3, it would show the violet i had there. Then, if i click on the next, it would turn blue. and so on. Right now, when i click on a tab, it takes the #e3e3e3 color, i found no way around it yet.

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    I have, in a way, fixed it, but not completely: what I would like is to preserve the hover color, when i’m on each one of the tabs, instead of #e3e3e3, as the current tab lights up now. Is there a way to do it? What I was thinking of was that if I could have an “if” involving “current-menu-item” and the specific item id’s that I learned from above, I somehow could have it my way.

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    Hi again and thanks for all the help. One last question, though, as I couldn’t manage this by myself: is there any way (in the direction Kenneth described (and I used) to assign these different colors to the different items in the menu) that I could use for “current-menu-item”? (Something like a conditional “if” statement, such that when I am in a certain menu item, it would show the color I assigned to the “hover” mode?


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    Oops, I just installed FF11, and it’s still the same: the”about” tab on my menu is still on the second row. But this doesn’t happen in Safari, as I was saying. Do you have any idea what’s causing this?

    Thanks again

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