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    Hi, Will give it a go. WIll this put it in the middle of a page though? With free text either side?

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    yerr, could not wait…but would rather use yours, yours looks better…

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    Scratch the above, I fixed it (CTRL + F5) after changing style sheet

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    Nar thats cool..happy to leave…thats the point of the web site, help people to help themselves.

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    Something small for now, when the website starts going it will get better.


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    sorry about the slow answer. It is running XP and old version of IE. I found that by removing comments, it fixed the problem. It was the only comuter having the problem.

    Also, I get paid next week whoich means you will as well! 🙂


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    Hi Syahir,

    thanks for the link, I have changed the numbers to 1024 and am happy. Problem is on my work laptop the sidebar for widgets is wrapped below the contents section but at home it looks perfect.

    What do I need to change to fix that?

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    Also, can I change the width of the page?

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    Hi Syahir,

    as it turns out I dont want to change the borders around the entire page. It was also good to see how quickly you responded. I think I will be using this theme for my business and will be sending something your way as I will need support from time to time.


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