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    I havee figured it out, thanks. In case anyone else is in the same situation:

    I was trying to add some connection information, required by the posts 2 posts plugin to work efficiently.

    I realise I had a basic misunderstanding of the way wordpress works – that it does a default wp_query behind the scenes and that doesn’t need to get stated explicitly. I have created my own to replace it, thanks to a very useful tutorial I found:

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    Kenneth said ” It more accurately describes what you will see when it is published.” This is only true if using the featured images as headers, but I am not.

    Syahir, I understand that that image has no bearing on how it will look when it is published. But I would like it to.

    I would like it to show what an image would look like when published as a normal post thumbnail, not as a header., so when I come back to edit a post later, I can see what will look like in the various views that use thumbnail images.

    I assumed this was a problem with graphene, since it uses headers, but I’ve switched themes to 2011 and see it uses a very similar if not identical landscape view. So I guess this the standard way it’s shown? If so I guess I can live with it. 🙂

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    I’m using wordpress 3.5.1, and a test blog running the latest graphene, and a live blog running 1.5.8. I see the same behaviour in both.

    Here’s an example image I chose as featured image (for the test):


    Here’s how it looks in the admin (bottom right of the pic):


    I would like that admin box to more properly represent what the featured image will actually look like (a centred square, not a flat rectangle).

    Here’s how it actually shows up when displayed in places that use the featured image:


    The sidebar should look more like that.

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    Thank you!

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    Update: I’ve solved my two problems (date and comments not being shown). In case anyone else has the same problems:

    For dates:

    I’ve found that in the theme-loop.php file there is this line in the graphene_should_show_date() function :

    $allowed_posttypes = apply_filters( 'graphene_date_display_posttype', array( 'post' ) );

    If I change it to:

    $allowed_posttypes = apply_filters( 'graphene_date_display_posttype', array( 'post' , 'my_custom_post_type') );

    then the date is shown on my custom post.

    I copied this function to my child themes functions.php and modified it, and now it works okay.

    For comments:

    I was using a plugin for registering custom post types, and it doesn’t set the comments visibility property properly.

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