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    Excellent. Thanks Josh.

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    Thanks so much for the help. Finally I have it. Now on to the next task. I may be back.

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    Sorry to sound so ignorant but how do I know if I’m using a child theme or not.

    I’m doing something wrong and can’t figure it out. This is the absolute reference of my image. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lynne

    #content {
    background: url( repeat;
    padding-top: 21px;
    padding-bottom: 20px;

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    Also is there a way to split the header into 2 columns. Ideally I’d like the logo to be above the header photo but haven’t looked at the markup yet.

    Next best thing would be to add the logo next to the header image.

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    Sure. It’s

    I want the main content bg to be an image I’ve made which is a semi-transparent #464646 so that some of the body bg shows through. I’ve uploaded the image to my server in the images files. thanks

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    Oops. Didn’t mean to post yet.

    Ok so my image is not showing. I can’t clear out the automatic color set up in “display” under “options.” I’ve tried using background-color:transparent but still not showing.

    Any suggestions?


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