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    Wicked! Thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction! Got onto a introductory tutorial on from the codex page you sent me to – so will follow that.

    When I’m done I will drop you a link to show you what I’ve done, and I might pop in here during the process to ask a question or two.



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    Hi Sayhir,

    Thanks for the reply! I did what you said in your reply and I now have a child theme for Graphene – it’s like magic!LOL!

    So if I understand you correctly I only have to add the modifications that I want to make to this new style sheet? Does that mean I look for the rules I want to change in the original theme and then code the changes into the new theme’s style sheet? I’m a little confused here.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Syahir,

    Just to start by saying thanks so much for this wonderful theme and for allowing us to use it freely. I know virtually nothing about css so bear with me…

    I’d like to align the text to the right and I tried to follow the instruction you gave above in this thread but I can’t make out exactly where to paste the instruction. Please could you be more specific.

    Then I’d also like to know how to change the text colour of all the headings and links that are in blue – where and how do I do that and what exactly should I change?

    Again, thanks so much for the wonderful theme and for the forum as well.


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