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    > Can you provide a place on your blog where this is an issue?

    Sure – check this page out:


    The problem here is two-fold:

    * A post’s title is identical to the link it contains – this duplication of information is visually redundant and confusing

    * A post’s title links to the perma-link of the post – this is a redundant click

    Or check out how these posts are displayed on my front page (where I’ve intentionally chosen not to show the whole post so that longer, non-link posts don’t suck up too much space):


    This is visually much better (though I’d like to hide the post author for these link posts), but still has the redundant click through to the post to get to the actual link itself.

    The title of the post should -be- the link – that’s what the Link Post Format offers 🙂

    > Also, can you provide a link to a page or theme with this feature implemented?

    Here’s an (incomplete) list of themes that support Post Formats, which lists numerous examples of themes that support the Link Post Format:


    Sods law dictates that finding a blog that uses it is difficult! Here’s a random website I found that has used the feature:


    And some more info on Post Formats:




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