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    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you so much for your time and response, I really appreciate it. Tried your suggestion, and it did not work in Chrome or Opera (windows). Also played with omitting lines, and that had some effect, but on the whole not entirely what I wanted.

    For whatever reason, I retried something I tested months ago (when it didn’t work), and now it kind of did….for anyone else needing this change (and using FJ stacks): adjust the color within the stack edit, under “design” and “font color”; I had to delete the existing stacks and create new ones, and then it worked…that simply didn’t occur to me before, where I only adjusted what was already there and the changes didn’t take. Note that this also changes the font color of your text box content; if you don’t mind that, then this is a possible solution. If you need to change fa icon color without impacting other elements….above path might be worth pursuing (CSS changes). For now, this works for me. Hope it stays that way… =)

    I hope this somewhat helps others with the same issue….

    Thanks again for responding Kenneth – a happy & healthy 2017 to you (and the team). Keep up the great work! K. =)

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    Hi Kenneth, thanks so much for responding. Read many of your helpful comments on Graphene over the years. =) Hint taken….will enable right click, and apologies for making helping harder! Not intended, just wasn’t aware, thanks. =)

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    Happy New Year everyone! =) Hope you had/ continue to have a lovely break. It would be awesome if someone could respond to this thread…am I really the only one requiring this color change? Doubt it. =) Please help, many thanks!

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    Anybody? Please…?!?

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