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  • works like a charm, even without the standard-SSL-plugin.

    Good work, thank you!

    Btw: do you know a way to preserve the arrangement of the widgets between activations and upgrades? It is annoying, to reconfigure this all time the theme changes for a few minutes..

    Thanks, hopefully it will work all time.

    Why don’t you use an absolut URL from the DOCUMENT_ROOT ? Doesn’t WordPress stores a path, where its own DOCUMENT_ROOT is, so you can use “/wp-content/..” or if necessary “/sth/wp-content/…” ?

    I tried with the TwentyTen thenme, and it works exactly like your theme. But there is one difference between these tho themes.

    The plugin “WordPress HTTPS” modifies the img-src, so it gets delivered via HTTPS. But it doesn’t work with the CSS you are using to assign the header-image.

    I already notified the author of the plugin, if he could implement a way to modify the CSS, but it should be better, to make the switch in the theme itself. So I think a preg_match-way would be better.

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