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    Thanks! It works and makes me happy 🙂

    And yes, I’ll look into the child theme (again) 🙂

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    Yeah, from visiting this forum I learned already that a child theme may be a very good option.

    I guess I’m just postponing it until I really need it…

    Maybe it’s a browser thing than, the footer widget being out of position. In Chrome and Safari on my Mac it is still out of position.

    How would I resize and reposition the footer in a child theme? (or without)


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    Hi Syahir,

    Thanks for this, I was wondering how to get rid of the black. I tried the code below, which works pretty good, but if I do it (on the background of Welcome and the other titles is still black. I would love to change only what is black now to #012F50. I like the light colour on top. Thanks.

    #top-bar, #nav {

    background: -moz-linear-gradient(left top, #012F50, #6E7997);

    background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, right bottom, from(#012F50), to(#6E7997));

    background: linear-gradient(left top, #012F50, #6E7997);

    -pie-background: linear-gradient(left top, #012F50, #6E7997);


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    Thanks, the code solved the blue colour 🙂

    Will wait for the next update for the menu stuff.

    btw, forgot to mention it at first: I’m very grateful for Graphene. I use it with a lot of pleasure 🙂

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