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    thanks Ken!

    another question, if you don’t mind, after I updated my template (when i didn’t use a child theme), I forgot how to decrease the gap between two images.

    like so:


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    BUM BUM. Can someone help this poor soul out? ^_^

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    sorry for the late reply! school got in the war of online community.

    ^Prasanna, my blog is still in draft mode, not in public yet. I guess this can wait.

    Going back to the rotator php thing, could anyone shed light on that? I don’t want to use Graphene built in function yet due to the bandwidth problem.

    I googled for rotator script and came up to this page: http://phpscripts4u.com/guestboooks/php-code-random-image-rotator/

    but im not sure of what to do from here. thanks in advance!

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    another newbie question, my post has multiple author. i set their comment to be highlighted as blue. but i can’t highlight mine (admin) comment on their post. how do i go to hack this so that admin comments are highlighted in every post?

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    ^OMG. Is it really that simple? My friend was telling all sorts of rotating scripts I have to use in the CSS.

    Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can use? I have about 20 banners in hand right now.

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    Hey Kenneth,

    I meant to ask how do I use the rotating function with my own set of images?

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