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    Another question: I read the forum post about changing size of adsense box. If I want to change from a 250 x250 to a 468 x60 do I need to do the style sheet change?

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    Yes, for some strange reason, the 250 x 250 ad will display in the left (wide) column, but a 468 x 60 won’t … and the 468 x 60 is what I really want.

    I tried to insert the 468, and the box displayed, but not the ad. ??????

    Any suggestions?

    Oh, neglected to thank you for replying.

    aloha a hui hou

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    yes, I want to be a part of this discussion. I have tried mightily to display adsense ads in the area designated by adsense options.

    I went to My Ads, selected a standard 480 width banner, got the code, highlighted and copied the code, checked the two boxes under “adsense options”, and entered the code. clicked on “save options”.

    That’s all I know to do, and yet, the ads refuse to display.

    How long does it take to display?

    I have a widget adsense ad in the right column, and it displays splendidly. Started same day as widget was completed.

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