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    Hi thanks for your quick reply.

    I’ve already tried to reinstall graphene mobile but it did not work out. Files are not loaded because $mgraphene_settings is empty as mentioned in my second post.

    I’ve reinstalled graphene (not mobile) from scratch and now it seems to work. Maybe it was a graphene issue as other plugins complain with errors similar to “array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array…”.

    I think this issue is related to our staging environement. We have two envs one for developers and the other one for production. They are exactly the same but for the domains which differs.

    We perform this step to migrate our wordpress instance from the development env to production:

    1. rsync of the fs

    2. dump/import of the full db

    3. Update of references to the old domain via sql update (say http://prod.domain.com ==> http://dev.domain.com)

    After step 3 graphene stops working. We found that updating “theme_mods_graphene” “option_value” in “wp_options” table breaks something.

    Import/export settings makes no difference.

    Do you have any suggestion?

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    $mgraphene_settings is void!

    I’ve tried to delete the key in wp_options and reinstall graphene-mobile but still no lucky.

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